10 Thoughts on A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

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I read A Court of Thorns and Roses last weekend and was hooked into the series. Once again the book ended up capturing my attention for most of the weekend. But it’s okay, it’s back to school time and I need relaxing distractions. So here I am back for round two of another not so typical review of the second book in the series, A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. In a previous post 10 Musings On How A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas Hijacked My TBR, I explained how I ended up starting the series. Now that I am vested, let’s jump into some of my thoughts about book #2, shall we?

10 Thoughts on A Court of Mist and Fury

As in my previous post, there may be what some might consider spoilers. So if you aren’t into those, proceed with caution. P.S. I still don’t think this is a young adult book.

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How I feel about Lucien…
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A toast to Feyre. Sometimes you just fall out of love.
  1. Told You So: To start where I left off my last list of musings…I told you Tamlin was no good. Some people say Maas ruined his character, but I agree with other who say the writing is on the wall of book #1. Most evident in the moment when he has an opportunity to help Feyre escape but instead makes out with her while she has on full body paint. A point that my man Rhysand points out to her.
  2. What in the World: Again, the toilets just seem off to me. But then so did some of the casual clothing and the visit to what seemed like a club in Valeria.
  3. PTSD: People have PTSD like Oprah was giving it out for her show. Amarantha was one bad chick and survivor’s guilt hits Feyre hard in her human heart. Nightmares are a nightly occurrence for her and even Tamlin suffers from them. But the problem I have with all of this isn’t that they have PTSD, it’s that they both suffer alone. But I will say it bothered me that Tamlin never reaches out to Feyre or asks if she is okay. The girl literally DIED for him and his people.
  4. New Moon Vibes: I’m sorry I keep making Twilight comparisons. Forgive me it just came back on Netflix. The first section of the book has New Moon- Edward left town and Bella is depressed vibes. No one is helping Feyre and it’s quite enraging to see her wasting away after being such a badass. Tamlin’s only concern is keeping her locked up. It’s the opposite of how a fairy tale is supposed to go. Yeah she gets the guy that she DIED for, but all the rest is the reverse of a happy ending.
  5. Slow Start: On the New Moon note, this book had a slow start for me. I was just impatient because I knew she wasn’t going to last with absentee, controlling fiance, Tamlin. I also thought those week-long obligatory trips with Rhys would be more interesting and happen sooner. The lost opportunity for tension was disappointing.
  6. Rhysand the Feminist: I still don’t agree with some of his tactics he used Under the Mountain in book#1 ie drugging Feyre and having her give him lap dances in front of everyone just to keep up a ruse. But after being locked in the house with Tamlin for months, this is the Rhys she needs. He gives her choices and treats her as an equal. He also gets a kick out of seeing her kick butt and own her new powers. My only wish is that Feyre would see that she is charge of herself and doesn’t need any man to “give her choices.”
  7. Lucien: Do better man. I’m disappointed in you.
  8. The Illyrian Crew: You have my attention. I would like to learn more. Cassian, I have my eye on you…
  9. Nesta: I do not like you girl. But that Celie move with the King was well done.
  10. Libby Holds: I hope book #3 takes a little more time to become available on my Libby library account because I have to catch up on laundry.

Have you read the ACOTAR series? What are your thoughts? Should I keep going?

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