2023 Reading Wrap-Up: A Rollercoaster Year!

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This was an interesting year for my reading life. Looking at my reading track throughout the year, you might think you were looking at a roller coaster blueprint. I even had a reading pause where I didn’t finish any books for two months. But that’s life! And I’m happy that I was able to read the books that I did. Plus I even had the opportunity to participate as a Round 1 Judge for the CYBILS Awards, so I can’t say that I didn’t keep busy. Below are some reflections on my 2023 Reading Wrap-Up.

Graphic of 2023 Reading

Reading Goal

My 2023 reading goal was to read 50 books. I surpassed that and read around 132 books. Part of that number is due to my participation as a Graphic Novels judge for the CYBILS Awards. I will also note for the people whose eyes just bulged out at that number, that I also count picture books that I write reviews for on my blog and Instagram. Everyone’s reading list looks different and includes different amounts of books for different reasons. So before you judge your reading habits against someone else’s just keep that in mind. Read what you want and how much you want that makes you happy!


One of my goals is to participate on 2-3 awards committees over the next five years. As a working mom, I have to keep in mind that I have some limitations for what I can commit to successfully. The CYBILS Awards was the perfect opportunity for me to begin participating in an awards committee! I’m so grateful that I had the chance to read tons of awesome graphic novels and discuss them with others on the reading panel. For CYBILS they divide the judging up into two rounds. The first round reads all nominated books and the second round only reads the finalists. So my panel was in charge of selecting the finalists that the round two judges would select the winner from.

Graphic Novels was the perfect category for me to participate in because the books are relatively fast to read and high interest to me. As an educator, I am constantly on the lookout for graphic novels that would work in the curriculum and as recommendations to teachers and students. As a mom, my kids love this genre of books and since nominated books included early readers and middle grade books, it really helped me expand my knowledge of the category for my kids. Some books my daughter and I read together or traded as we finished reading. It was a fun experience and I hope to participate again.

Balance Between Reading and Writing

Even though I had goals to publish on my blog regularly, that’s not what happened. I’m still working on the balance between reading and writing reviews. Sometimes I get in a groove and I finish a book and I’m ready to begin reading the next one immediately. I get hyper focused on reading and fear that stopping to write will put me in a reading slump. But I love writing reviews, so I’m trying to work out ways I can incorporate breaks between reading so that I can write the reviews while everything is fresh in my head.

How did your 2023 Reading Wrap-Up go? Did you meet your goal? Do you want to do anything differently in this new year?

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