7 Cookbooks That Celebrate Soul Food

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I love soul food! I recently checked out a few soul food cookbooks from the library. So I thought I would put together a quick list of old and new cookbooks by Black chefs. Soul food recipes are steeped in tradition. They include knowledge handed down through generations. As a traditionalist when it comes to soul food, I tend to stick with the old school recipes. However, I am slowly becoming more open to the new school and fusion-inspired recipes that young chefs have been developing. Regardless of your stance, there is something here for both the traditionalist cook and the fusion artist.

The Story Behind the Recipe

One thing that I love is actually reading cookbooks, as in I love ones that have stories that accompany recipes. In the list below you will find a mix of both traditional cookbooks like Princess Pamela’s Soul Food Cookbook and narrative cookbooks like Hallelujah! The Welcome Table. As someone who is interested in food history, I love the commentary chefs include with their recipes.

QOTD: Do you like to read narrative cookbooks or use them strictly to cook?

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Soul Food Cookbooks Reading List

Here are a few soul food cookbooks both old and new to check out this month and all year long. Most of these are from my personal cookbook library. A few are from a recent library haul. 



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