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My name is Richetta and I am a lifelong learner and reader. One of my major pursuits in life is to be both well-read and widely read. As a secondary educator and mom of three, I read both for work and pleasure. I love to write, garden and I have a slight addiction to drinking hot cocoa. I will definitely have one in my hand if it hits below 60 degrees and is a little windy! For whatever reason having a hot drink helps me to focus, so I love drinking it while I am reading. Plus I can’t drink coffee…long story. I began my journey of writing reviews for both books and a variety of products in past roles as a running magazine intern and a features editor for a newspaper. Read this post to learn more about me as a reader. Check me out on my GoodReads, Instagram and Twitter accounts for more content.

What I blog about
  • Book Reviews: A variety of books with a main focus on those written by BIPOC authors
  • Educator YA Book Recommendations: for how educators can incorporate Young Adult Fiction and Non-fiction into the classroom
  • Book-related Product Highlights: I’m a book nerd so I am always on the lookout for cool book swag, gifts, bookmarks, shirts, etc.
  • Book News: Anticipated releases, Pub Day Excitement, etc.
  • Personal Musings: about being a reader who is a Follower of Christ, a Mom, an educator and a Black woman
  • How To’s: insight into building a book blog, reading strategies for busy people, setting reading goals