Check Out These Christmas KidLit Recommendations

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Here are a few last minute Christmas Kidlit book recommendations while you are still out shopping and the library is still open! I’ve categorized them in case you are looking for something in particular. Merry Christmas!

Advent Stories

  • ✝️ Advent Storybook: 24 Stories to Share Before Christmas by Antonie Schneider⁠
  • ✝️ The Advent Storybook: 25 Bible Stories Showing Why Jesus Came by Laura Richie⁠
  • ✝️ God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren⁠

Christmas Carols

  • 🎄 The Twelve Hours of Christmas by Jenn Bailey⁠ (my new favorite!!!!)
  • ✝️ Lullaby for the King by Nikki Grimes⁠
  • ✝️ Silent Night by Lara Hawthorne⁠

Soooo How Does Santa…

  • 🎄 Santa in the City by Tiffany D. Jackson⁠
  • 🎄 How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney? by Mac Barnett⁠

The Night Before Christmas

  • 🎄 The Christmas Book Flood by Emily Kilgore⁠
  • 🎄 La Noche Before Three Kings Day by Sheila Colón-Bagley⁠
  • 🎄 Native American Night Before Christmas by Gary Robinson⁠

Spreading Christmas Joy

  • 🎄 Cocoa Mistletoe by Ciara L. Hill⁠
  • 🎄 I Got Christmas Spirit by Connie Schofield-Morrison⁠

The Day After…

  • 🎄 Santa’s Gotta Go by Derrick Barnes⁠
  • 🎄 The Holly-Day After by Danielle Marietta⁠

Older Kids

  • 🎄 8 Tiny Reindeer by Robert Tinkler⁠
  • 🎄 Juniper’s Christmas by Eoin Colfer⁠
  • 🎄 Love in Winter Wonderland by Abiola Bello⁠

Do you have a new favorite Christmas Kidlit book that you read this year? Share in the comments!

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