‘Do What I Want’ December Reading Goals

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Wings of Ebony Book Cover

I don’t know about you but the winter season is a busy one for me. Sometimes I just want to curl up in a blanket and alternate between reading and catching up on movies. I know December is going to fly by, so I’m going to rein in my expectations for what books will be completed on my December Reading Goals TBR List. I’m thinking that my library loans might take the lead. I’ve been dancing an intricate tango with reserves, borrowing and adhering to due dates lately. But I do have some fun things planned!

Join me for a reading/re-reading of Wings of Ebony

I am on J. Elle’s street team for her new sequel to Wings of Ebony coming out called,Ashes of Gold. It debuts in January, so December is a great time to do a re-ead, or if you haven’t already read it, a first read, of Wings of Ebony, which came out January 2021. That is before I began this blog, so I will post my review of Wings of Ebony after the re-read is finished. What is most exciting is that author J. Elle will be hosting IG Live chats on Instagram weekly at 9 pm EST, after each reading chunk. You can check out the schedule here. Pre-order Ashes of Gold!

December Reading Hopefuls

All but one of these is a library loan that I am excited to read. My only issue is which one do I begin with first? I will probably throw in a few more as the month goes on too. But this is my starter list for my December Reading Goals.

What do you have planned for your December reading?

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