Friday Night Highlights: A Haunted House and an Unlicensed Exorcist

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I am currently forcing myself to come for air from my current read, Within These Wicked Walls by Lauren Blackwood, to bring you Friday Night Highlights. Or in this case, I might need to rename it Weekend Reading Inspirations. I don’t visit haunted houses anymore, but I will read about a haunted house. If that is your thing, then you will want to check this book out.

Halloween Weekend Read Recommendation

If you are looking for a last minute Halloween Weekend read, then I’m telling you that you might want to check this one out. It is good. I mean the kind of good that just makes you a quiet reader immersed in the bookish world the story has created. And if you love horror, then this is up your alley, because the Evil Eye and the house in this story are bloodthirsty.

Jane Eyre Connections

I first picked this book up based on cover alone. It is marketed as a Jane Eyre retelling. Now, I’ll be honest, I can’t even remember if I read Jane Eyre or not. I spent most of my time with Wuthering Heights from the other Bronte sisters. But it has elements of Jane Eyre – the employer is named Mr. Rochester, although he prefers Magnus; the mansion is isolated, but this time in an Ethiopian desert and the heroine is a strong young woman who knows how to survive.

Haunted House

After you acknowledge those few strings, you are completely free to immerse yourself in Andromeda’s world. That is such a cool name for a main character, don’t you think? Andromeda is an unlicensed debtera, hired to to cleanse Magnus Rochester’s house of the Evil Eye.

As far as cleaning house goes, this place needs a straight bug bomb, but for ghosts! By the time Andromeda arrives she is like the 11th debtera to try and attempt to rid the place of the Evil Eye. I mean every room has a different issue. The ghost chick in the library has got to be the meanest librarian ever. Throwing books and cussing people out with passages from open books that she throws at you.

Okay, I’m going to go back to reading now. Because I need to find out what is good between Magnus and Andromeda. I promise I will post a review soon!

Friday Night Highlights is a quick Friday evening post featuring anecdotes and highlights of my current reads of the week. If you feel inspired, it’s the perfect time to grab a new book for your next weekend read.

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