Friday Night Highlights: Politics and Prose

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cover of Black Skinhead

This week I’ve been listening and reading a variety of literature that includes both Politics and Prose. I have a fiction and nonfiction book going via audiobook and I’m contemplating which physical book I’m going to read next. That can be a challenge because I usually like to have both the ebook and audiobook in my arsenal so that I can maximize my time. While I still love hard copies of books they aren’t as versatile sometimes for the season that I’m in.

Black Politics

For the politics portion of my Politics and Prose reading theme, I decided to give Black Skinhead: Reflections on Blackness and Our Political Future by Brandi Collins-Dexter a try via audiobook. Since it’s nonfiction, I’ve found that most of the time audiobooks help me stay focused and help me finish the book in a timely fashion. I attribute this to the nature of nonfiction and not necessarily being tied down to read a book from front to back. Sometimes I get distracted even though I’m interested in the content. This one is interesting and provides a different perspective of Black politics that doesn’t get a spotlight on it very much, especially now after Trump. She connects the beginning to Kanye West and his album Dark Twisted Fantasy. Pub Date: Sept. 20, 2022

cover of Hold You Down

Black Sisterhood

I just started this audiobook today and it had me chuckling on the first scene. The narrator had me hooked and laughing. Hold You Down by Tracy Brown opens on the funeral of the mother of the two main characters Mercy and Lenox. The preacher is going in on his sermon and the narrator’s cadence for voicing the preacher’s monologue was hilarious and the only thing that topped it was the sister interrupting him and telling him to wrap it up because it was cold, he had already said a prayer inside and if they weren’t right with their mother by now they weren’t going to be. LOL! I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of this story about two sisters, love and family. Pub Date: Nov. 1, 2022

Hyping Myself Up

So the book I’ve been telling myself I’m going to read is The Getaway by Lamar Giles. But like with most horror or spooky stories that cross my bookish path, there is a certain amount of getting myself together that must occur first. Needless to say, I’ve been getting myself together for about a month now.

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