Get Ready for Pumpkin Spice Season with Let It Grow by Mary Ann Fraser

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Get Ready for Pumpkin Spice Season with Let It Grow by Mary Ann FraserLet It Grow by Mary Ann Fraser
Published by Capstone on 2021
Genres: Farm & Ranch Life, Science & Nature
Pages: 32
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: NetGalley and Capstone
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Are y’all ready for fall?! Sorry I couldn’t resist, besides you know the Halloween displays are probably already out now. All jokes aside, check out this book about pumpkin growing, harvesting and post-harvest fun called Let it Grow by Mary Ann Fraser and illustrated by Riley Samels.

What’s this book about?

A boy has a pumpkin seed and decides to let it grow, grow, grow! At each stage he has the opportunity to stop the seed’s development and do something special with what it has become, but each time he is asked he exhibits patience for the end result he is seeking. 

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How many ways can you use a pumpkin?

There is so much you can do with this book! Autumn, Life Cycle, Gardening, History, Patience, Determination, Relationships. This is great for a pre-K to 2nd grade read aloud book. It’s awesome because intertwined with the life cycle are ideas on how you can sustainably use the plant at each stage. This is a great read to add to your Fall book collection. I also love that the book features a little black boy and his grandfather as the characters.

Engaging Children

There are plenty of opportunities for little ones to engage and interact with the text during a read aloud, for example “Oh no! I’ll let it grow!” At certain points children can begin guessing what the little boy plans to do with the pumpkin after all of his patience. I think most of them will be surprised. I know I was! What is also cool is that at the end of the story it explains the origins behind the decision of the boy on how he ultimately uses his pumpkin.There is also a page of pumpkin facts that supports further exploration about the topic. 


I came for… a book about kids and gardening. I’m a gardener with kids so I love books that center these two things.

I stayed for…. the representation of a little black boy and his patience on what he was going to do with his pumpkin.

Hot Cocoa Moments: I love that the little boy has a relationship with his grandfather, and the little boy still gets to remain independent in his decisions for how to grow his pumpkins.

Would I Read it Again: Yes! I garden with my children and this is a great opportunity to discuss life cycles and food. It also is wonderful that my children will see themselves represented in this book. 

Educator Recommendations: Definitely a great addition to the elementary classroom and the read aloud rotation. Science, history and SEL wrapped into one book! Parents and Home school parents this is a great opportunity to discuss patience and independence as well. 

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