May Reading Wrap-Up: Mission Accomplished or Still In Progess?

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This May Reading Wrap-up was an interesting one. I got a little wild-cardy and instead of finishing everything I had on my original TBR list I subbed in a few that caught my attention via audiobook.

Did I Achieve My May Reading Plan?

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In my post at the beginning of the month, Making A Reading List and Sticking To It, I mused on three things:

  1. Am I a Mood Reader?
  2. Do I throw quick changes at my TBR pile?
  3. Can I master a new bedtime routine that balances the kids story time and my reading time?

The short answer ended up being yes to all three. In this May’s Reading Wrap-Up, I learned that I prefer not to read non-fiction before bed for several reasons, so I have to pay much closer attention to my pacing so that I drag on with the book forever. That is what happened with Hood Feminism which I actually started in late March/early April. It’s a great book, I just needed to focus on it more in the day time so that I could take notes and focus better on how I processed the information. For me, fiction is different because I am more than okay with getting swept up in a different world and just getting lost in my imagination.

TBR Switch-Ups

Guilty! I am still working on finishing up two books on my original list because of this. So what happened was…I was listening to these two really good audiobooks, Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo and Stamped by Jason Reynolds, and they kind of took over some of the reading time I allotted to my ebooks. By the way, my reviews are coming but if you can get your headphones on any books either of these two authors narrate you are in for a treat! Both of those books were also from my 2020 TBR pile that got slowed ALL the way down by pandemic stress. I’m still playing catch up!

Story Time Vs Mommy, Cocoa & Books Time

This is a work in progress that varies evening by evening. But I am enjoying reading with my kids! I learned a few techniques in a reading class I attended with my oldest that makes story time very entertaining. I might do a post on it and share. The techniques really get your kids to participate in reading whether they know their phonics or not. For now, I am satisfied with staying up a little later to get my reading time in for the day.

Reading List Round Up

  • Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall (Physical Book)
  • Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You by Jason Reynolds (audiobook & hard copy)
  • Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo (audiobook)
  • Off the Record by Camryn Garrett (Digital Arc)
  • Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron (Ebook)

Almost…There…Round Up (from original May TBR list)

I am so excited to read these two gems! They are at the top of my list and I have already started them. Nicola Yoon is definitely delivering with her YA Romance! I wish I had known about Anton Treuer’s book earlier! This is the young adult version and I am soaking up all of the knowledge that I can.

  • Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon (Digital Arc)
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask by Anton Treuer (Physical Arc)

What reading goals did you accomplish this month?

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