May Reading Wrap-up: Top-Notch Audiobook Narrators

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I experienced my first Maycember this year with all of my kids finally in elementary school together. And June is not indicating that there will be any slow downs. However, I was able to read everything on my Reading Goals TBR. That, my friends, is a rare feat for this busy mood reader. Through the power of audiobooks I also finished a few more! I recommend every audiobook that I listened to this month. I found a new slate of great audiobook narrators! June is Audiobook Month so see if you want to try out any of the ones I list below with a 🎧 .

Check out my May Reading Wrap-up below.

What I Read

  • Blood at the Root by LaDarrion Williams: 🎧 This was a 5-Star read for me! The audiobook was phenomenal. I can’t wait for the next book to come out and I hope he keeps the same narrator. 🎧
  • This Book Won’t Burn by Samira Ahmed: This YA novel is very timely and shows the power of young voices.
  • The Unboxing of a Black Girl by Angela Shante: Loved this YA poetic memoir and it’s handy TBR recommendations spread throughout the footnotes.
  • Herbal Remedies for Sleep by Maria Noël Groves: Learned so much about daytime and nighttime energy. I will be using this book for years to come.
  • An Encyclopedia of Gardening for Colored Children by Jamaica Kincaid and Kara Walker: An interesting book about plants and historical connections paired with Kara Walker’s art.
  • New Nigeria County by Clare Brown: 🎧A hilarious satire that has its roots on TikTok. It’s an audiobook-only, full cast production that will remind you of radio theatre. (If you are old enough to remember that.)
  • Devil is Fine by John Vercher: 🎧I listened to this audiobook and the narrator is superior! This book is full of dark humor and grief. A mixed-race man inherits a plantation from his white mother’s side of the family after the untimely death of his teenage son.
  • Rest is Resistance by : 🎧 I actually read this book based on the recomendation included in The Unboxing of a Black Girl. It gave me a lot to think about and wrestle with as a busy woman.
  • We Are All Good at Smiling by Amber McBride: 🎧 a unique YA novel in verse about a teen who suffers from depression and creates a fantasy world for herself.
May Reading Wrap-up #1
May Reading Wrap-up #2

Children’s Books

  • Mahogany: A Little Red Riding Hood Tale by JaNay Brown-Wood
  • Zion Learns to See by Terence Lester; Zion Lester
  • Never Too Much by Aundrea Tabbs-Smith
  • Just Try It by Phil & Lily Rosenthal
  • Oh Are You Awake? by Bob Shea
  • We Who Produce Pearls by Joanna Ho
  • An Asian American A to Z by Cathy Linh Che and Kyle Lucia Wu
  • I’m Proud of You by Craig Melvin
May Reading Wrap-up #3
May Reading Wrap-up #4

I hope you found a few titles on my May Reading Wrap-up that interest you!

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