Throwback Thursday: Pierre and Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice Sendak

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Throwback Thursday: Pierre and Chicken Soup With Rice by Maurice SendakChicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak
Published by Harper Collins on March 15, 1991
Genres: Juvenile Fiction / Concepts / General, Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories
Pages: 32

I was humming a song the other day and realized it was Pierre sung by Carole King. Pierre by Maurice Sendak as well as Chicken Soup with Rice are childhood favorites of mine. What about Max in Where the Wild Things Are you ask? I liked it, but that was my brother’s book so I kind of just let that be his thing.

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Sippin’ Chicken Soup With Rice is so Nice!

I’ll start with Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak, because this was one of the ways my first grade teacher helped us memorize the months of the year. We each had a month to memorize and we had to perform it at an assembly. I think I was January, but my memory remains skewed because I really wanted February, my birth month, so I stayed eyeing the kids that usurped that role from my little hands. When my oldest kids were 5 and 3 I downloaded the song as a sing-along in the car. They loved it! To this day, it’s still one of my favorite songs even though I am not good at memorizing lyrics. Bookshop

Pierre, The Prince of Disrespect…until He Met the King of Jungle

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Pierre was mad disrespectful!

Pierre was a super contrary, disrespectful kid who had an unfortunate encounter with a lion who didn’t play that. His main line in the book is “I Don’t Care!” I remember the whole time being like “How is he getting away with acting like this to his parents?! What is this nonsense?!” I was seven and I knew better. So, when his little behind got eaten by a lion I was like “AS IT SHOULD BE!” No mercy! I wasn’t getting away with that and I didn’t know anyone that did either. Spoiler Alert: Pierre had a lifestyle change after his near-death experience with the lion. After he was spat out that boy CARED about everything.


Love ya’ Carole!

Shout out to Carole King for providing me with multiple awesome sing-alongs as a kid that I continue to sing as an adult!

It should’ve been me who was assigned this month for the school assembly!

Throwback Thursdays

So that is my little walk down memory lane for this week! Do you have a favorite book memory? Share it in the comments!

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You will love this ear worm! lol!

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