Make Your Own Fire Cider With This Recipe Book

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Make Your Own Fire Cider With This Recipe BookFire Cider! by Rosemary Gladstar
Published by Storey Publishing on October 15, 2019
Genres: Cooking / Health & Healing / General, Health & Fitness / Healthy Living
Pages: 204
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
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For more than 30 years, best-selling author and popular herbalist Rosemary Gladstar has been touting the health benefits of fire cider — a spicy blend of apple cider vinegar, onion, ginger, horseradish, garlic, and other immune-boosting herbs. Her original recipe, inspired by traditional cider vinegar remedies, has given rise to dozens of fire cider formulations created by fans of the tonic who use it to address everyday ills, from colds and flu to leg cramps and hangovers. Fire Cider! is a lively collection of 101 recipes contributed by more than 70 herbal enthusiasts, with energizing versions ranging from Black Currant Fire Cider to Triple Goddess Vinegar, Fire Cider Dark Moonshine, and Bloody Mary Fire Cider. Colorful asides, including tribute songs and amusing anecdotes, capture Gladstar’s passionate desire to pass along the fire cider tradition.

Have you ever heard of fire cider? I heard of it a few years ago when I was watching Youtube video on it by Jessica Sowards of Roots & Refuge Farm. Fire cider is a kitchen remedy that will help you and your family stay healthy during the cold & flu season. I was intrigued when I first heard of it. However, I didn’t make it until this month when I had an abundant harvest of ginger, garlic, jalapeños and other ingredients from my garden. It was super easy to make and I’m super excited to try it out!⁠

photo of Fire Cider recipe book and one gallon of fire cider in a clear jar
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What is Fire Cider?

Fire Cider is an immune supporting herbal folk remedy that was made popular by Rosemary Gladstar. ⁠To make my own fire cider, I read Fire Cider!: 101 Zesty Recipes for Health-Boosting Remedies Made With Apple Cider Vinegar by Rosemary Gladstar and Friends. It’s a collection of fire cider recipes from herbalists all over the country. There is a ton of variety included in the recipes, as each person makes a version that suits their personal taste. For example, I did not go heavy on the jalapeños because I can only handle a certain amount of spicy. ⁠I actually decided to make two batches one with jalapeños and one with just cayenne pepper. I’m going to share it with my friend. Generally one batch is enough because, once you strain it, you only drink a little bit at a time.

Try It Out!

Pictured in the photo is a batch that I started in early October that will hopefully be ready in a few weeks. I’ll strain it, add some honey and then store it in the fridge for preventative health benefits and or if I feel a cold trying to take hold.

For the mamas out there, who want to make this for their families, one suggestion I heard was to include rosehips as one of the ingredients for taste. As with everything, check with your doctor especially if you have any special conditions, before you try it out.⁠ ⁠

Ingredients I Used

These are a few ingredients I used in my two batches. I split them so one batch has cayenne and the other has jalapeños. Check out the different recipes to see which ones are a best fit for your palate. Rosemary’s basic recipe is on page 27. You can also hear Rosemary do a demonstration on her Youtube channel.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw & Organic with the mother)
  • horseradish root
  • onions (red and a yellow0
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • turmeric
  • cracked pepper
  • cayenne pepper
  • jalapeños

What kitchen remedy do you like to have on hand in the winter? Have you ever tried fire cider?

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